The DGNB Academy – sharing expertise with a strong focus on practical application

Applying the many different demands of sustainable building to actual planning and construction practice requires highly detailed specialist knowledge. This know-how is imparted by the DGNB Academy – the central training and continuing professional development (CPD) platform of the DGNB. Our academy offers numerous training courses and seminars to share the latest know-how in the field of sustainable building, also demonstrating how this know-how relates to practical application. After training, the following professional titles can be applied for, each building on the other:

These qualifications demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the different topics that relate to sustainable building – from the fundamentals to applying this know-how to specific sectors of industry and a detailed understanding of the DGNB certification system.

The services provided by the DGNB Academy are targeted at students, people entering a new profession and anyone with a general interest in such topics (seminar: DGNB Registered Professional). They are also ideal for people already involved in the industry with several years' experience, who typically want to specialise in sustainable building and the DGNB certification system (DGNB Consultant, DGNB Auditor).

In addition to these CPD options for private individuals, the DGNB also offers in-depth workshops and in-house training services, which are specially tailored to the needs of companies. To share this sustainable building know-how with a wider audience, the DGNB organises events throughout Germany through different training and education establishments. These include architects' chambers and universities.

There is also international interest in know-how surrounding sustainable building, the DGNB's views on this field and the requirements associated with certification. As a result, the DGNB Academy has already trained new experts in sustainable building in roughly 40 countries.


Maresa Schmid
Director DGNB Academy
Phone: +49 711 722322-74
m.schmid at dgnb.de


Mario Schneider

Mario Schneider
Director DGNB Academy
Phone: +49 711 722322-68
ma.schneider at dgnb.de

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