Label WiN=WiN
Fair Stone

DGNB recognised standard

General information

  • Product group: Natural stone
  • Label certification level: Certificated
  • Recognised for: Criterion ENV1.3 Quality level 1.2
  • Additional requirements: -
  • Additional evidence required: -
  • Validity: 20 December 2024

Our evaluation

After checking the label according to the requirements of the DGNB, we come to the following conclusion:

The label WiN=WiN Fair Stone is recognised within the scope of certification for criterion ENV1.3 of the 2018 version DGNB System Criteria Catalogue for New Buildings and Interiors at quality level 1.2. The recognition is for the product group natural stone.



The WiN=WiN Fair Stone Label makes a special contribution towards improving working conditions in stone processing companies and quarries by certifying natural stones in developing and emerging countries. The standard fulfils important social aspects, including the requirements of the ILO core labour standards. In addition, natural stones can be traced back to the quarry via a Tracing Fair Stone system.

Compliance with the criteria for the award of the seal is comprehensively checked. For example, checks are carried out through announced and unannounced visits to the suppliers. If a label holder violates the criteria for awarding the label, it must remedy the deficiencies, otherwise the label is withdrawn.

The basis for recognition is exclusively the aspects to be considered for the DGNB criterion ENV1.3.

Ecological and social aspects for which the fulfilment of the requirements of the DGNB cannot be guaranteed with a WIN=WIN Fair Stone label are mainly:

Ecological requirements:

  • 4.1 Land use

Social requirements:

  • 6.2 Supporting the local community and businesses

The partially fulfilled requirements are:

Ecological requirements:

  • 2.1. Renaturation/reclamation of extraction areas
  • 2.5. Limited annual reduction
  • 8.1. Recycling of waste water
  • 9.1. Waste prevention
  • 11.1. Reduction of transports

Social requirements:

  • 2.2. Adequate housing conditions for employees
  • 2.3. Sufficient medical care
  • 3.1. Fair employment contracts and salaries
  • 6.1. Prevention of the extraction of raw materials in conflict-ridden and conflict-prone regions
  • 6.3 Improvement of local infrastructure
  • 6.4 Consent of the resident community

There is potential for development in particular in the area of support for local society and businesses and land use, as well as in the above-mentioned ecological and social aspects partially fulfilled. On this basis and the requirement to implement the evidence not fulfilled, the label is recognised.



The recognition is valid for one year from the release of this test report, i.e. until 20 December 2024.

Check results:

Systemic requirementsRequirements are fulfilledRequirements are partly fulfilledRequirements are not fulfilled
1. Transparency / Accessibility  
2. Objectivity / Impartiality  
3. Principles of allocation  
4. Reference to standard  
5. Production and further development  
6. Alternative evidence  

Requirements in terms of content

Social requirements

Requirements are fulfilledRequirements are partly fulfilledRequirements are not fulfilled
1. Prohibition of child and forced labour  
2. Compliance with basic ILO standards  
3. Compliance with labour rights  
4. Protection of the right to association  
5. Equal pay / non-discrimination  
6. Preservation of cultural values  
7. Ethical business practices  
Ecological requirementsRequirements are fulfilledRequirements are partly fulfilledRequirements are not fulfilled
1. Protection and preservation of biodiversity  
2. Protection of ecosystems  
3. Preservation of protective functions  
4. Preservation of soils and landscapes  
5. Preservation of soil quality  
6. Preservation of the natural water cycle  
7. Reduction of water consumption  
8. Prevention of water pollution  
9. Waste prevention  
10. Preservation of air quality  
11. Reduction of transports  

* Evaluation report to be published. Currently not accessible to the public.


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