Become a DGNB partner university

Bring the future of sustainable planning and building to your university and become a cooperation partner of the DGNB Academy.

The DGNB Academy cooperates with universities in Germany and abroad in order to spread knowledge about sustainable building and to sensitise and train young professionals from the outset.

Our partner universities ensure that sustainability in planning and construction becomes an integral part of their education. Get involved!

The advantages of a DGNB university partnership

... for your university

... for your students

  • Attending the DGNB course Basics of Sustainable Building at university free of charge
  • Discounted examination to become a DGNB Registered Professional at the DGNB Academy
  • Early qualification and clear positioning as future experts in sustainable planning and building through a recognised title
  • Cost and time savings for later training as a DGNB Consultant and further training as a DGNB Auditor
  • One year trial membership in the DGNB e.V. – free of charge and self-terminating

Teaching materials on the Basics of Sustainable Building

As a DGNB partner university, you will have access to the teaching materials for the DGNB Basics of Sustainable Building course. In eight modular topic blocks (for classroom teaching) or in twelve entertaining 45-minute units (adapted for online teaching), the course covers the various aspects of sustainable planning and building. You can teach this comprehensive package flexibly over the course of a semester. Or offer it as part of a compact seminar or summer school at your university.

The course is ideal for study programmes such as architecture, civil engineering, urban planning, real estate economics or sociology. An individual focus is also possible.

Classroom teaching

1Designing and evaluating sustainability135 min
2Holistic design and construction45 min
3Design and social issues45 min
4Health and user satisfaction90 min
5Life cycle oriented design45 min
6Life cycle assessment90 min
7Preserving resources and the environment90 min
8Integrated design45 min

Online course (in German only)

1Introduction to sustainability45 min
2Evaluating sustainability45 min
3Preserving resources I45 min
4Preserving resources II + resilience45 min
5Holistic design and construction45 min
6Design and social issues45 min
7Health and user satisfaction45 min
8Environmentally friendly materials45 min
9Life cycle oriented design45 min
10Life cycle assessment (LCA)45 min
11Life cycle costing (LCC)45 min
12Integrated design45 min

Become a DGNB partner university

Interested in establishing an academic partnership with the DGNB Academy?
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