Committee work at the DGNB

Committee work at the DGNB – achieving more together

Ever since the DGNB came into existence, our goal as a non-profit organisation has been to shape the future. Construction and the property market undergo continual change and the same applies to society in general. As far as is reasonably possible, our aim is to help shape this change by coming up with new ideas, concepts and initiatives.

The best way to do this is to work together as a strong community, bringing together pioneering thinkers and people who like to get things done. This is precisely the kind of community we now offer and it is thanks to the voluntary support of our members that our committees achieve so much. The committees that conduct the work of the DGNB comprise the DGNB Board of Directors, the Real Estate Committee, the Committee for Sustainable Urban Development and the Construction Products Committee.

Focussing on developing the system

It is only thanks to the tremendous amount of effort and time invested by our members that it was possible for us to set up the DGNB System and establish a new certification system for sustainable buildings and urban districts that:

  • enjoys strong reputation and market credibility
  • sets the standard in terms of quality
  • is the clear market leader in Germany
  • is now in use in more than 20 countries, making it the most internationally recognised system of its kind

The large number of experts that are involved in the DGNB Technical Committee and our DGNB Expert pool help us develop and move the DGNB system forward. They also enable us to develop the criteria that underlie the system alongside the different usage profiles needed for certification. These experts thus play an important and tangible role in the market, ensuring that sustainability remains top of the agenda throughout the industry.

Taking a stance and setting the pace in areas of social importance

Over and above the topics that are directly related to the DGNB's certification activities, in the summer of 2016 the DGNB introduced a new approach to committee work which allows a participation for all DGNB members.


Dr. Anna Braune
Director Research and Development
Phone: +49 711 722322-67
a.braune at dgnb.de

Our members

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