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Which training qualification comes into question for me?

This decision depends on your individual requirements and aims. The training to become a DGNB consultant is intended for those who have interfaces to the DGNB certification process in their daily work but do not (yet) wish to audit. We impart the knowledge required to provide consulting for the certification process in system modules O1 and O2. For these modules, knowledge about specific topics from the base modules is not essential.

With the training to become a DGNB auditor we address those who wish to closely supervise and document the planning and construction process from the beginning to the end within the meaning of the DGNB Certification. They have the basic knowledge about the specific technical topics of sustainable building and are in a position to competently discuss with specialist planners about the documentation required in the DGNB System. To be able to do this the DGNB auditor requires knowledge from the basic module and all three system modules.

In which order are the auditor modules to be completed?

The DGNB requires two things: on the one hand, the P1 and P2 examinations must be passed successfully in order to be allowed to take the P3 examination – a paper on the project audit. On the other hand, it is necessary to have passed the P3 examination to be allowed to take the oral examination (P4). Otherwise you can decide individually whether to visit the base modules so that you can then tackle the P1 examination and then finish the system modules 1+2 with the associated P2 examination or else choose to do it in reverse order.

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