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DGNB Brochures

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Keep an overview of sustainable building

This brochure explains the function and application of the construction product platform DGNB Navigator.
The DGNB Navigator combines the information offer from the manufacturers with the enquiries of designers on the one platform. Furthermore, it represents an important bridge between construction products and the DGNB certification system for buildings, in that it provides the requested data for the building's certification in accordance with DGNB.

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The fact that our current lifestyle is not doing our environment any good isn't breaking news at the time of this current IPCC report. When it comes to actively applying solutions, however, too many people hide behind the two small words: "yes" and "but". Why it is time to turn this "yes, but" into a "yes, count me in!", and how this can succeed is addressed in this publication. It clears up the most common prejudices about sustainable building and vividly demonstrates why sustainable construction is essential.

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Take advantage of the DGNB Membership Brochure for your communication!

The DGNB members' brochure provides an overview of the many benefits enjoyed by members of the DGNB. Whether you're just interested in finding out more or are already a DGNB member, look out for the sections on Using the Network, Taking Responsibility and Shaping the future for details of the many different ways you can become actively involved in the activities of the DGNB. At the end of each section is a checklist for members to ensure they are making optimum use of their membership.

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To assess and capture sustainable building effectively, it is important to use a systematic method that allows for measurability and holistic thinking. The DGNB system offers a certification process that goes far beyond the assessment and recognition of buildings on a purely functional level. As a result, it is often used as an optimisation tool for a variety of aspects related to the sustainability of planning, construction and building operation. Individual factors are never evaluated in isolation. Instead, the impact of each aspect is assessed within the broader context of a building's life cycle, thus looking at the actual building performance over time. This lays a foundation for a sustainably built environment, reflecting the actual needs of people as well as the crucial needs of nature and the environment – all carefully documented and honoured with a DGNB certificate.

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Sustainable quality in series

In the case of buildings with the same use and comparable typologies, sample building specifications are assessed (initial certificate) which are then used as the basis for certification for further properties in this project.

  • Multiple Certification New Construction: consumer markets, hotels, logistics buildings, offices, production buildings, buildings in use
  • Multiple Certification Interiors: office, retail, hotel, restaurants & catering
  • Serial Certification: small apartment buildings

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