DGNB Guiding Topics

Setting the agenda: the DGNB Guiding Topics

Promoting sustainability in the building and property industry and beyond, and creating awareness in the broader population is a central goal of the DGNB, captured by the statutes of our association. In fact, these are the very things that drive the DGNB as an organisation as well as its members. Nothing motivates us more than making something happen in unison and flying the flag for sustainability in public debate.

To achieve this, the DGNB has laid down a series of guiding topics to set the agenda for the work of the DGNB in the months and years to come. This involves the kinds of topics that drive the DGNB as an association, motivated by the interests of the construction and real estate industry. They also move us as members of society. These are topics that position sustainable building in the broader picture. And they are topics that are extremely important when it comes to the future standing of the DGNB.

The committee work of the DGNB revolves closely around these Guiding Topics. This typically involves detailed discussion of fundamental issues. It also involves embarking on initiatives, with every potential to change society and the industry. But it can just as well entail examining the specific issues we encounter in our everyday work or finding solutions that add value.

The DGNB Guiding Topics at a glance

Climate, energy, resources

The DGNB plays a central role in realising German climate protection goals, also helping with the transition to green energy and thus making an essential contribution to the preservation of natural resources.

To this end, we want to

  • determine the current impacts of the environment we build around ourselves and ascertain market potential around the topics climate, energy and resources
  • formulate potential long- and medium-term goals
  • table specific recommendations for achieving climate, energy and resource objectives, for a variety of players in the industry

Future living – future cities

The DGNB paves the way for sustainable homes in towns and cities, which should be enjoyable to live in and affordable.

To this end, we want to

  • define a clear position for our organisation when it comes to the 'affordability and sustainability of living in urban areas'
  • identify new models for affordable and sustainable living
  • make tangible recommendations in different areas of the construction and real estate industry
  • collect and share examples of good practice

Digital technology

The DGNB fully understands the growing number of opportunities offered by digital transformation in the industry and is keen to leverage and anticipate this new trend. Our aim is to improve the sustainability of the environment we build around ourselves and thus make it possible for everyone involved to benefit from the opportunities offered by sustainability.

To this end, we want to

  • demonstrate and assess the possibilities – but also the limitations – of digital technology
  • define the role the DGNB should play when it comes to digital transformation in the construction and property market
  • pinpoint and share the best way forward and possible solutions for improving sustainability through the use of digital technology

Health, comfort, performance

The DGNB makes a key contribution to promote people's health and performance in the context of the environment we build around ourselves.

To this end, we want to

  • understand the impact the environment we build around ourselves has on people
  • discuss and develop objectives and evaluation techniques relating to health-promoting, comfortable and effective buildings and urban districts
  • identify and share tangible solutions
  • develop ideas and measures that will motivate investors, owners and building operators to place more emphasis during planning on the people who actually use buildings


The DGNB promotes German Baukultur and innovative spirit and establishes sustainability as a fundamental requirement of planning.

To this end, we want to

  • ensure sustainability is introduced irreversibly as a fundamental principle of general planning and Baukultur
  • position design quality as a central pillar of future-orientated building
  • promote a spirit of innovation in the construction and property industry with an emphasis on sustainability


Dr. Anna Braune
Director Research and Development
Phone: +49 711 722322-67
a.braune at dgnb.de

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