The DGNB in international committees

The DGNB in the World Green Building Council

The DGNB has been committed to international cooperation right from its founding phase. It has been a full member of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) since February 2008 and is thus an important partner for the WorldGBC's goals in Europe.

The WorldGBC brings together associations from all continents. They all agree on the goal of securing the future through a responsible way of dealing with and using resources. The WorldGBC sets standards of excellence for sustainable building worldwide. It promotes effective communication measures and cooperation between councils, countries and sector leaders, and supports the various certification systems.

As part of its membership the DGNB has been committed from the beginning to the support of new councils and is today - with Dr. Christine Lemaitre, Chief Executive Officer of the DGNB - a member on the Board of Directors of the WorldGBC.

Progressing together: the DGNB in the Rating Tool Committee

The development and further development of assessment systems is an important aim of many WorldGBC members. The WorldGBC Rating Tool Committee was set up to support this goal in a targeted way.

It is made up of representatives from the WorldGBC Board and from national Green Building Councils. The committee provides assessment criteria to support the systems that comply with the WorldGBC principles and methods.

Promoting new councils: the DGNB in the Council Development Committee

The Council Development Committee (CDC) is made up of seven members of various Green Building Councils.

The task of this committee is to support interest groups that wish to set up a local Green Building Council in their own country.

Since the preconditions differ and are country-specific, the CDC provides a number of different tools. Acceptance in and membership of the WorldGBC is organized in steps. The CDC discusses the applications of the relevant Green Building Councils in eight sessions.

The driving force for Europe: the DGNB in the Europe Regional Network

Europe is diverse. This is also true in the field of sustainable building. This produces many opportunities but also poses major challenges. The Europe Regional Network (ERN) sets out to tackle the latter with its combined efforts.

The ERN is an association of European Green Building Councils under the auspices of the World Green Building Council. The councils work together on one mission: to establish sustainable building ever more strongly in the market so as to be able to exert a positive influence on the construction and real-estate sectors.

Through this close collaboration strong synergies can be employed when promoting political and educational initiatives and also with regard to capacities in the construction sector in Europe. This makes the Europe Regional Network far more than just a simple association of many partners. The DGNB has had a leading role in the ERN right from the beginning. The DGNB supports the Europe Regional Network in the following committees:

  • Steering Committee
  • Policy Task Force
  • Education Task Force

The DGNB in the SB Alliance

The Sustainable Building Alliance (SB Alliance) is a coalition of leading European organizations for building certification. As a board member the DGNB works towards making the various certification systems more transparent. At the same time it can efficiently coordinate the joint action in the fields of climate and resource protection.

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