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"Urban Future"

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The transformation of urban spaces into sustainable structures is one of the great challenges of our time. The city as a focal point of social, economic, technological and ecological development requires complex planning services and new concepts in order to become sustainable.

How can the wishes and goals of different stakeholders be reconciled? How can cities prepare for the coming climate change? And with which concepts can we make our cities and communities more sustainable?

The DGNB's seminars on the topic of "Urban Future" deal with the sustainable design of spatial planning and settlement development, the implementation of municipal heat planning, sustainability requirements in planning competitions and the topic of participation in the planning process.

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  • Bookable individually
  • Digital and interactive in small group format
  • Direct exchange with lecturers and participants
  • Recognised as further education by the Chamber of Architects of Baden-Württemberg

After successful participation, you will receive a confirmation of participation from us. You can use this, for example, as proof for further training points at the Chamber of Architects in Baden-Württemberg.
DGNB certification experts can use these seminars to collect further training points to obtain their licence.

Please note: As the seminars are held in German, please switch to German language settings to make a booking.


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