Further cooperations

Further cooperations


With the support of EGNATON, DGNB and the BMUB are jointly developing a scheme for laboratory buildings aimed at providing comprehensive certification for research buildings. This includes the development and delivery of joint training for DGNB Auditors and EGNATON members.

GEFMA e.V. - German Facility Management Association

DGNB is supporting GEFMA by contributing its expertise in describing and measuring sustainability the development of the standard for sustainability in facility management. This focuses specifically on sustainability in FM processes and the quality of service provided by contractors with regard to facility management.

Association of German Engineers (VDI)

The cooperation is aimed at creating a common basis for assessing sustainability. This is provided by cross-referencing the DGNB Certification System with VDI guidelines to highlight common topics and thus offering designers and Auditors one central tool for creating sustainable buildings. The cooperation also extends to trainee development and joint events.

The DGNB manual and a special edition of the VDI guidelines are available in our shop.


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