DGNB Consultant

DGNB Consultants carry out auditing work for DGNB Certificates and Pre-certificates for buildings and districts. This entails working closely with the design team and the client during the design and construction process. DGNB Consultants may also carry out options appraisals to achieve the optimum result in terms of project performance and sustainability. As members of the DGNB Community, DGNB Consultants also help implement the international application and adaptation of the DGNB System.

    • Highlight your expertise in sustainable building and the DGNB System
    • Enjoy the networking opportunities offered by the DGNB community
    • Enhance your portfolio of consultancy and auditing services
    • Use the DGNB Consultant credentials, logo and present your profile on www.dgnb-system.com
  • Architects, designers, engineers
    Site managers, technical experts
    Product managers

    You want to qualify as a Consultant in Germany?
    Also see our full Consultant program in German here.

  • By auditing and submitting a pilot project the DGNB international Consultant qualifies as a DGNB Auditor and is allowed to offer his consulting and auditing services for international projects.

 Course Details

  • General issues of sustainable architecture
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the evaluation methodology
  • Detailed DGNB criteria knowledge
  • Wide variety of methods (workshops, team work sessions, building safari, etc.)
  • Discussion with the group and the DGNB trainers
  • Explorer topics related to current approaches to sustainable development
Online Exam

To prove the expertise each DGNB Consultant has to pass the online exam. The online exam can be done whereever the participant is located and takes 1 hour. The date for the exam will be arranged with all participants of the training course.

Try the demo version of the online exam

Completed academic studies in architecture, civil or construction-related engineering, natural sciences, economics or building physics and

  • 1 year of relevant professional experience following completion of a post-graduate degree or
  • 2 years of relevant professional experience following completion of an undergraduate degree or
  • training in the real estate or construction sectors with 5 years of relevant professional experience

Note: All applications will be reviewed by the DGNB Approval and Review Committee, which has the final say on decisions concerning participant admission.

DGNB International Events – SAVE THE DATE!

DateLocationEventFor more information please contact
26 - 28 October, 2016 Stuttgart, Germany* International DGNB 
Consultant Training- CORE14


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10 - 12 November, 2016



Ljubljana,  Slovenia
International DGNB 
Consultant Training- CORE14

our local partner:

GBC Slovenia


Training fees

The DGNB training course is organized in cooperation with a local partner. Depending on local terms and conditions the fees for the training course can vary from country to country. DGNB and our local partner offer a GBC member discount.

The course fee includes:

  • DGNB training materials (USB stick)
  • DGNB criteria and DGNB tools (USB stick)
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Refreshment and catering

 DGNB Online Exam

DGNB Exam Fee
DGNB Members  195,- € plus VAT                                 
Non-Members  295,- € plus VAT

 The exam fee includes

  • Access to the online platfom of the DGNB online exam and login details
  • Aaccess to the password-protected DGNB website
  • Certificate of Authorization

 *The training session offered by DGNB in Stuttgart includes the exam fee

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