DGNB Discourse

DGNB Discourse
„Built Positive: Together We Build What Is Next“

24 April 2017
DGNB Office, Stuttgart

Circular economy has the potential to become one of the guiding principles for the construction and real estate sectors. The DGNB Discourse event introduced into the concept of circular economy and kicked-off the Built Positive initiative in Germany which aims to enhance the value and quality of materials and products used in the built environment and in the circular economy. During the event selected best practice presentations highlighted the various opportunities to create value.


Dr. Christine Lemaitre | Chief Executive Officer DGNB
Lewis Perkins | President Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
Thijs Maartens | Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
Silke Betten | Delta Development Group
Edwin Meijerink | Delta Development Group


Dr. Christine Lemaitre Lewis Perkins

About Built Positive

Built Positive is a co-creative movement to increase the built environment's positive impact on people, planet, and economy by designing materials for circularity, innovating to improve these inputs, and quantifying their positive impact from the molecule through to the metropolis. Built Positive ensures that materials sustain their value and buildings become material banks that yield future value for their owners. Human health and productivity of occupants is improved through verified inputs with optimized chemistry. Sourcing and re-sourcing impacts are enhanced through better design and optimized for beneficial reuse.

Built Positive has been initiated by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.
DGNB is the official partner of the initiative in Germany.

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